The SHE Programme

The aim of the SHE programme is to build Strong, HIV positive, Empowered women through peer support sessions facilitated by women living with HIV.

Held in peer support groups, our vision is to provide opportunities for women and girls to share experiences and ideas about living with HIV, offer helpful HIV information, and to provide empowerment to women.

The SHE toolkit

This toolkit is a resource for women living with HIV who wish to facilitate peer support sessions for other women and girls living with HIV.

You can build your own toolkit
Customize your HIV–Toolkit and print only what you need.

Simply choose the content you want and click on Create Toolkit to view or print your custom-made toolkit.

Positively UK

Services for women

Positively UK know that women face particular challenges in life and in living with HIV. As a woman you are often the main carer, are looking after children, and may be the main bread winner or reliant on a partner for this. For women living with HIV this can be even more challenging as you’ll also be managing treatments, wondering about pregnancy and childcare and your relationships.

They can help with; getting an HIV diagnosis, sexual health issues, relationships, starting a family, Social Services, HIV treatment and adherence, disclosure, finance and benefits, immigration problems and housing advice.

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