sexualhealthPozFem UK: Women, HIV and Sexual Health in the UK
This Vision Paper documents concerns and recommendations raised by members of PozFem UK on the basis of our personal experiences and illustrates these with quotes from PozFem UK meetings, as well as ICW and Positively Women’s publications.

We hope it will serve as a useful advocacy tool for HIV positive women around the UK. Download it and send a copy to your MP, GP or GUM clinic! Start Lobbying now!

Download as a pdf file [670 Kb]

Other Resources
Below you can find more resources including the membership form to join PozFem and presentations by PozFem members including those used during PozFem Regional Co-ordinators’ trainings. All of them are free to use for all PozFem members

HIV in the media

wsserumaPresentation by Winnie Sseruma providing tips on interviewing techniques, public speaking and contents of a good message.

View PowerPoint presentation.

Effective public speaking

anamibaAngelina Namiba shares her top tips on how to grab your audience attention and deliver your message

Development of our network


PozFem presentation on the development of our network at the XVII International AIDS Conference Mexico 2008

View PowerPoint presentation.

Feedback Mexico 2008

mexicofeedback08Feedback from Living 2008 and Universal Action Now the XVII International AIDS Conference – Mexico 2008

View PowerPoint presentation.

Undetectable = Uninfectious


PozFem input is central to the session ‘Undetectable = Uninfectious’ at the British HIV Association conference London October 2008

Make your own presentation!

blankMake your own presentation! Here is a template to use when presenting on behalf of PozFem

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