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Welcome to PozFem UK online

PozFem UK is the National Voice for Women Living with HIV

We are the only national network of women living with HIV in the UK and we were established in 2004.

PozFem is a unique group of Women Living with HIV from all around the UK, from a range of backgrounds, nationalities, lifestyles and cultures and with a wealth of experience, knowledge and information about living and thriving with HIV.

As a network of Women Living with HIV from around the UK we understand what the issues are on a local front, which enables us to shape what is happening locally and nationally. We recognise a need locally and nationally to address issues faced by HIV positive women:

  •  Access to support
  • Treatment and care
  • Building support and solidarity in the workplace and schools
  • Violence against women
  • Gender inequalities

Membership is free and open to HIV positive women. Becoming involved will help to influence future policy, practice and services. Yours views matter to us. Join us and play a role in supporting HIV positive women and in shaping decisions that affect our lives:
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